Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is coming

Here are a few things which are making me feel pastel-y and spring-y:

These shoes from Golden Ponies on Etsy are one of the contenders to become my wedding shoes. I can't get enough of their pastel loveliness and how much they look like those ChloƩ shoes.

Plus, this picture proves they are Regency enough for me:

Moving on...
Combining neons and pastels (at least during the weekend, I'm afraid I'm still 90% black during the week)


Weekend trips.

And something which made me chuckle:


  1. Yey spring, no more -3c days on my bike!

  2. That video is HILARIOUS!!!!

    I just tweeted about it @skinblisterblog and cc-ed you in

    What a great find. Suprised it's not got more views!! x