Monday, April 16, 2012

Gawping around

My legs are just starting to recover from a marathon Saturday in London trying to get my identity back (I actually just went to London to FILL IN A FORM). That and gawp and the awfully pretty Anthropologie clothes  - that shop in Regent Street is ridiculously busy!
Eat a humongous cinnamon bun at the Nordic Bakery...
By the way, Nordic Bakery designers (if such a thing exists), your place is very cool but Helevetica is a Swiss font, not nordic per se. Yes, still cold and peaceful and neutral etc, but type snobs (ahem) are sad enough to be bothered by these things while sipping lattes and munching rye bread sandwiches. [End of rant]

And gawp some more, this time in Hamleys, which was as crazy but much smaller than I remembered - last time I was there I was about 7?
God I sound like a country bumpkin!

On Sunday, I managed to get enough energy to make a delicious asparagus tray bake from my Meat Free Mondays book.


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