Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 10 pins of the week

This weekend is going to be spent mostly packing, fretting over tenancy contracts and more packing. But before that I thought I would share my top 10 pins of the week - I might even make a tradition out of this!

1. Simple but dainty giftwrap.

2. That scalloped dress is just too cute.

3. Big messy hair + lacy dress + black sensible boots = I like! If I'm not going to any festivals, is it suitable for a relaxed weekend in the summer? Maybe a summer barbecue outfit?

4. Some worldly home inspiration.

5. I am addicted to colourful things hanging from walls such as these sweet candy lights.

6. Gotta try this rope bun, looks like perfect holiday hair, you can make it while waiting for your train/plane/[enter transport method here]

7. I actually went into Boots in the middle of the week to buy these. They didn't have them. Shame on you, Boots.

8. Looks like ideal reception food.

9. Boat hotel in Stockholm's archipelago [sigh]

10. Now I know I should have avoided Copenhagen and gone straight to Roskilde.


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