Monday, April 2, 2012

Wishlist: Spring in the office edition

Office wardrobe, spring edition
A few things for this spring, mostly spent working as you can see...

1. Essie lilac nail varnish, spring-y and pastel-y enough
2. Pencil skirt from Warehouse with a little detail at the back, just to make it a bit less boring
3. Peplum skirt from Warehouse, been itching to get one but I already have a zillion beige skirts. Plus, is Peplum really for me? Pretty on others, but can't get used to having so much going on around the widest part of my body!
4. Another pencil skirt from Warehouse with a bit of oomph.
5. Been using the exact same bag for over a year, about time I get a new one. The question is: Cambridge satchel company? Save for months and splurge on a Mulberry? Or just get a decent-looking one from the high street, such as this one from Warehouse?
6. Ticket holder by Cath Kidston
7. Eyelash curler, am I the only one whose lashes always go all over the place?
8. Peplum, yay or nay? Top or skirt?
9. For all that weekend working... (by IKEA)

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